Know your numbers.

Discover the power of precise profit analytics and tap into the full potential of your Shopify business.

  • Meet the accurate profit dashboard

    With just one glance, get a comprehensive picture of your business' sales, orders, returns, advertising costs, blended ROAS, and net profit by utilizing the “Overview”. Quickly compare your business' performance and identify areas of improvement.
    Display a detailed list of all essential KPIs for your business, including sales, units, advertising and shipping costs, payment fees, Cost of Goods Sold, indirect expenses, gross and net profit, and so much more!
    Gain deeper insights into the performance of your products and orders with a detailed breakdown view.
  • Manage COGS by batch and period

    Efficiently manage your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Enter them as a constant amount, a percentage of the price, or by period or batch. Import and export COGS as spreadsheets. Alternatively, sellerboard can import the COGS used in your Shopify store.
  • Shipping cost rule

    Accurately account for shipping costs

    Create one or multiple shipping profiles based on weight, number of units sold, order price, and shipping zones. Customize profiles for individual products and assign specific shipping costs without a common profile.
  • Enter your pick and pack costs

    Specify your pick & pack costs (cost per order and/or per pick, different pricing for first and additional picks). sellerboard will take these into account for every order when calculating your profitability numbers.
  • Marketing channels integration

    Connect your Google, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest advertising accounts to track your advertising expenses and profitability on the product and account levels. You can also assign specific ads to products manually.
  • Boost ROAS with accurate ad attribution tracking

    Privacy features in the most recent browser versions and the iOS 14.5 are increasingly blocking standard tracking techniques like pixels and 3rd party cookies.

    To solve this, sellerboard attributes revenue to ads from different platforms by leveraging UTM parameters, first-party cookies, and Shopify's customer journey data. This provides precise ad sales and profitability calculations, even accounting for returns. Get real ad sales and ROAS data to optimize your ads for profitability.

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  • Every payment fee under control

    With automatic tracking, effortlessly monitor all payment fees, including your online credit card rates, in-person credit card rates, and any other additional gateway fees.
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  • Track your indirect expenses

    Include recurring and one-time expenses, such as office rent, photography costs, and virtual assistants, into your profit calculations.
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  • Export data into spreadsheets

    Export your sellerboard data into a spreadsheet for thorough analysis or to share it with your team, partners, or investors.
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  • Track your Customer Life Time Value

    Calculate your customers' lifetime value (LTV) and design dynamic marketing plans based on their acquisition cost (CAC) and retention.

    Analyze the evolution of accumulated sales/orders per buyer by product and make informed decisions.
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