Profit & Customer Lifetime Value Analytics for Shopify Sellers

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Accurate view of your Key Performance Indicators.
  • Live dashboard

    Displays detailed information on Shopify fees, return costs, promotion costs, and your fixed costs in real time.

    You can also view your data by time period (today, yesterday, or this month) and by product.

  • LTV dashboard

    The customer lifetime value (LTV) is the revenue that an average customer generates throughout their lifespan as a customer (including repeat purchases).

    The LTV dashboard allows you to analyze the lifetime value of your customers. By understanding the LTV, you can create dynamic marketing plans, estimate your customer acquisition cost (CAC) and evaluate whether you should invest in retaining current customers or spend on attracting new customers.

    With the LTV dashboard in sellerboard, you can track the lifetime value of your customers with various KPIs (accumulated sales/orders per buyer). You can also drill down and analyze these KPIs by product and see how they evolve over time.

  • Customizable сharts

    Our flexible charts enable quick, convenient analysis of your Key Performance Indicators. Everything is customizable: KPIs (for example, sales, units, profit, return costs, etc.), time frame (such as, last year by month, last month by day and more) and the level of detail of your output. The view can also be filtered by product. View the summary information or drill down into the product list by every period and by product details.

  • Profit & loss view

    This smart, click-able P&L statement has the ability to focus on every parameter (such as, Shopify fees) of each time period. Customize the time frame and level of detail of the data (such as, last year by month, last month by day and more), filter by products and view products sold by any desired period. Providing accurate and actionable business intelligence for Shopify sellers!

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  • Accurate calculation of all Shopify fees

    Shopify charges fees based on your chosen pricing plan and the transaction method and country, which may be tricky to track by hand. sellerboard tracks Shopify expenses automatically including your monthly plan, online credit card rates, in-person credit card rates and any additional fees.

  • Product breakdown

    Providing you with the exact details on any product, by any period or marketplace. See actual sales, profit, fees and expenses related to each product: for example, COGS, cost of returns, VAT tax, by any period.

  • Monitoring your fixed costs & other expenses

    sellerboard guides you in tracking other expenses, such as maintaining a warehouse, virtual assistant, sample costs, software tools and more. Expenses can be recurring (e.g. monthly) or one time, either general or attached to a specific product (for example, packaging design or a product photography).

Want to see sellerboard in action? Check out our demo account!
No registration required!

  • Cost of goods (COGS)

    Enter cost of goods sold by product as a constant amount (will be applied to all orders including past orders) or costs by period or batch. Import and export COGS as spreadsheets. Search or filter by name, SKU, tag, brand for easy editing. Alternatively, Sellerboard can use the COGS which are set in your Shopify store.

  • Shipping cost

    In sellerboard, shipping costs can be set up by using one or multiple shipping profiles. Per default, there is one profile, which is applied to all products. Get started by editing the default shipping profile.

    The shipping rates in a profile are based on package weight, number of units sold or the total order price as well as on where you are shipping your products (i.e. shipping zones).

    If the default profile is not enough, you can add new shipping profiles (for example if some of your products are fragile and/or are shipped using a different method). These new shipping profiles can be assigned to selected products.

    Finally, you can assign individual (product-specific) shipping costs at the product level, without defining a common profile. This works best if you have some special products with very specific shipping costs.

sellerboard is optimized for use on mobile devices.

  • Absolutely! The app is free to use right now with no hidden costs.

  • We are NOT active Shopify sellers and we never hire Shopify sellers. (The only exception may be positions, which do not provide access to the sellerboard system, for example, marketing or copywriting.)
  • Absolutely! We are a German company and our software is hosted on servers in Germany and secured according to industry standards. We store only the information needed for the reports and nothing more. We will never analyze, sell or distribute your data or use it in any way other than the operation of our software.
  • Yes. sellerboard uses the Shopify API to access your sales data.

    In your Shopify account, you will need to authorize the sellerboard application to access your data. Should you decide to restrict our access to your account for any reason, you can do so in your Shopify settings at any time. Of course, you can also close your sellerboard account and we will delete all your data from our servers.